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The Law Firm of Joseph J. Rosen, P.A. provides reliable, affordable legal services in the areas of business law, contracts and insurance. Our Firm offers the experience and guidance you may need to start your business or effectively resolve your insurance-related legal dispute.

Affordable and highly-effective Boca Raton business lawyer

Attorney Joseph J. Rosen is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. When starting a business, you could face a number of pitfalls and challenges. It is therefore helpful to utilize the services of an experienced business attorney. As a Florida business law firm, we offer the following legal services:

Formation of “S” Corporations and LLCs –We incorporate limited liability companies and small “S” corporations all over the state of Florida. Our services include getting your business entity’s Tax ID (EIN) Number from the IRS at no additional cost..
Nonprofit Formation in Florida – We set up non-profit, charitable organizations in Florida.
PA Filings in Florida – We can set up your professional corporation, whether as an LLC or “S” corporation.

Florida insurance lawyer protects your legal rights

If your insurance claim has been denied or delayed, let us help you seek a recovery. Our dedicated South Florida insurance attorney can assist in the following areas of insurance:

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims — If your home or business sustained property damage, and your insurance company has denied or underpaid the claim, we can help you seek a recovery.
Florida Life Insurance Claims –If you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, and the insurance company refused to honor the claim, please contact us for legal assistance.
Sale and Purchase of Life Insurance —If, through fraud, you have lost money in purchasing life insurance or an annuity in Florida, we can help you get your premiums back.
Automobile Insurance Claims — If you’ve been in a car accident,and sustained damages to your person or vehicle, our Firm can help you get a proper recovery.
Private Disability Insurance — We help those who have a claim against the insurance carrier for unpaid or denied private disability benefits.

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